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Game and rewards

Unlike anything else, this innovated program will reward customers for playing your branded game and create numerous touch points for your business and your brand….and customers LOVE it!

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Loyalty Program

Turn your loyalty program into a targeted marketing tool! It tracks and segments your customers. It drives up sales by increasing frequency of visits and purchase amount by customer.

Proximity Marketing

Capture your customers' attention as they pass by your store. Entice your customer in by dropping a custom offer based on their user profile. It's easy to use and completely automated!

Engage & Listen to Your Audience

Get the attention of the on-the-go mobile audience. Send news and notifications to remind them of why they love your restaurant. Encourage your users to provide feedback through the in-app survey to receive valuable real-time insight about your business.

Showcase Your Store

Provide information about your restaurant and what makes it go. You manage all aspects of your restaurant with a passion, we bring that passion to life in the mobile app.

Mobile and on-line Ordering

Serve your on-the-go customers with the MASCAR mobile and on-line ordering system. Don't miss out on any orders when they crave your food. Increase your sales even more when it is coupled with the loyalty program.

Publicize Timely Events & Deals

Your end of the work day happy hour, customer appreciation, daily specials and other happenings are things that your loyal customers want to know about. Send push notifications and messages to publicize these events and give your customers something to think about.

Want more devoted customers? Generate and distribute coupons to drive traffic and increase repeat visitors instantaneously.

Low Monthly Pricing, NO Hidden Fees!

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Easy to Implement

MASCAR is a system designed specifically for multi-unit businesses. It is easy to set up for all of your stores – 1 store or 10,000 stores. Our experienced and dedicated team will assist your set up, train your staff and get you going in no time.


Customer Support

MASCAR comes with full customer support for both your corporate office and your individual store owners.


Marketing Partner

MASCAR will be your partner to help with your growth. We will provide you with ideas and best practices to drive more traffic to your stores and increase your bottom line.

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